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It's All About Riviera

Our location, the scenery, the people compose Riviera Bar/Resto

Our Resto.

Serving best dishes and beverages since 2007

A destination experience for thousands of visitors in the last 15 years that chose it for their summer getaways but also for the most important moments of their lives

The uniqueness of Riviera beach bar lies in the endless possibilities to transform the space and the  facilities in and around according to the required occasion. The area in combination with the the store set up, creates all the conditions to be:

the right choice for your summer dives

the perfect choice for your wedding reception – party

the ideal choice for a dream baptism

the adventurous choice for a kids party

the ultimate choice for a corporate event in a friendly environment

and at the same time the best place for live concerts by the sea!

A Few Words About Us

Serving best dishes and beverages since 2007

In a location of unique beauty, Riviera Bar/Resto combines ultimate view with best quality food, fun and endless play…
The only bar restaurant that you have so many reasons to want to experience.
Just 30 km from Thessaloniki, Riviera Bar/Resto gives every visitor the opportunity of entertainment by the sea.

Free WiFi For Everyone

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A Kitchen to Talk About

From the beer plates and the ouzo appetizers that “catch fire”, after noon, the well-known Riviera dishes take over! Lovers of good food can not resist the fresh fish and seafood as our Chef knows how to marry them uniquely with all the ingredients we loved as children!

Our Core Values

Traditional flavours with fresh raw materials lift your palate! Of course, the children’s menus with hamburgers are their first choice. The reason? The handmade beef burger accompanied by grandma’s fresh french fries, which drives our little friends crazy.

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