In a location of unique beauty Riviera Bar/Resto combines the ultimate view with good quality food, fun and endless play

Riviera Bar/Resto

RIVIERA is the dream that came true!

Back in the distant year of 2007, for some, Konstantinos envisioned a landmark for all those who wished to live in the magic of the eternal horizon. Right where the azure sky kisses the blue sea. Where the beach of Touzla in Aggelochori winks at the courtyard of the Gods of Olympus. Right there, where moments live forever.

Riviera Bar/Resto is not just another beach bar, but the vision of a dreamer, who when some told him it couldn’t be done, he replied: “Watch how paradise is created with faith & love”.

Featured Delicacies

Fresh From the Grill

From Pasta and Risotto to Fishes and Steaks



stuffed baby calamari, lettuce powder with kakavia sauce



bianco velouté, parsley root
with lemon-infused oil

Sea bass


apple juice, mint, apple osmosis & egg roe cream



plaki-style in the oven

Tuna tartare


capers, sesame, chili pepper with cucumber juice

Beef tartare


pretzel, pepper glaze
& rocket cream

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They All Love Our Food
& Our Location

We picked just a few of our visitor’s comments at TripAdvisor.

"Cool beach, great music! Friendly staff!"
- Dragos Gabriel
"Best food ever with a view 😍 and nice and friendly service! Great music and beautiful beach..."
- Dania Kosan
"The place to be, good food, music, sun, nice sand, blue water"
- Elena Matei
"Nice food and position, perfect! All people that works here are kind and helpful!! Great time and great place 5*"
- Nicholas Toti